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We offer short intensive individual courses which focus on core international topics such as working in and leading international teams, developing people internationally, managing conflict, influencing effectively, building rapport and understanding personal communication style.

Participants will be encouraged to develop self-understanding through the use of The International Profiler and / or the Team Management Profile. This course is available at any time throughout the year in York and, if required, on site.

This training course will enable you to:

  • understand the challenge of ‘culture’ by profiling national and corporate environments
  • manage different expectations of leadership and teamwork
  • communicate more clearly as a leader internationally
  • lead teams more effectively: influencing, coaching and handling feedback across cultures
  • develop new leadership communication strategies by learning from actual case studies
  • get personal feedback on your own strengths and development points for leading internationally
  • create a personal action plan to develop intercultural competence

Programmes will be customised to individual requirements. However, the following four core areas will be covered:

1. Working across cultures

  • understanding national cultures
  • managing corporate cultures
  • personal profiling: understanding yourself and your network

2. Leading international teams

  • understanding different international leadership styles
  • defining team goals and roles clearly to build commitment

3. Managing change and conflict

  • understanding sources of conflict internationally
  • developing communication strategies and skills to manage conflict

4. International leadership communication skills

  • understanding your own and others’ communication styles
  • speaking clearly as a leader to get your message across
  • listening effectively as an international leader
  • social skills for building rapport internationally
  • the ‘push and pull’ approach to communicating: influencing, coaching and 
    handling feedback internationally

If you would like to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.

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